Friday, February 15, 2008


there are many reasons to go to nevada. first of all one could have a real beer and even better you could be served by an 89 year old bartender who has been bartending at the same bar since he was 16! he doesn't even own the place. although all the money was lost in texas hold em, $35.00 rooms made is all o.k. happy valentince to johnny and toma!

surrealist utah

my very favorite place in between utah and nevada. many things in this state, in my life in this state seem unreal. perhaps uncommonly real. this tree is beautiful and tall. it has many colors and unusual shapes. what surrounds it is beautiful too, but two don't fit together. it stands odd and estranged, forgotten and ignored by most, adored by some. it is fragile but the stem is solid and simple. some of its shapes have fallen to the ground, thus a fence has been erected, to protect it and perhaps others. however the fence is short. within its estrangement the peace surrounds it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

important historically and completely average

had dinner with terrence kaufman. his passion for unwritten languages, fieldwork and documentation rubs off for sure. the best part was him wanting to just drink beer. how cool to be that interesting, that important historically and completely average in some other ways. we talked about caucasus a little, but of course his love for the new world and anything latin was obvious. as most of us tried to impress him and make conversation, he kept ending up in the kitchen drinking with john, the only non linguist at lyle's house. it must be exhausting to be so well known in any field that everyone wants to talk just about that and assumes that is all you are. people like him make me love linguistics, because he makes me feel like that linguistics is raw, completely in progress as i write and so hands-on, real.

Friday, February 1, 2008

i miss you amila

i am the most social loner.
it is a strange feeling to feel so distanced and disassociated from everyone.
even stranger that it is not for any reason.
i miss talking to you for hours, amila.
why did i ever tell you to move to new york?
john is having beer somewhere with boys, usual boys..
dagny is hanging out with her ultra super cool junior high friends, usual friends
i am reading Frege, he says:
'perhaps something non-sensible could also lead us out of the inner world and enable us to grasp thoughts where no sense-impressions were involved'

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