Sunday, December 30, 2007


snow. love when it snows. i always think of one time sitting at the old coffee garden and looking out of the window. that memory is incripted in my head forever. the time passed so slowly and beautifully that afternoon. the sound the snow makes when one steps in it is like biting rice krispy. walking in the snow while it is snowing is probably one of the most dramatic and sexy things one can do. i wonder what its like to make love in the powder.

and i am not even jewish, but it feels like home

last night danced away to jewish flutes with john's college friend from chicago. i have never been much of a little kid type of gal, babies don't really do it for me usually, but last night i ran around with elise's little girl mia the whole evening. we had so much fun, we did karaoke, ate fondu chocolate gross bread stuff, exchanged little hebrew between each other, danced, rolled around the floor. she looked like dagny when dags was little. it reminded me how much fun dagny and i use to have. i remember we use to turn up music really loud and dance for hours. if i had a camera, today i would take a picture of john, my books, painting of tbilisi, my parents, film strips hanging all around, thor, brutus and paco and most importantly there would be dagny standing in front. her face and body would be bigger and brighter then anything else. she would be smiling and happy.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

bells and balls dominate the music

diner busy. tight shot on toma's face. tense anticipation to the upcoming holiday. joy of another day interacting with the friends we've made at the diner. derek enters. he is early. oh wait it is a clock at a bar, which is always 10 minutes early for last call. it was snowing earlier. so very pretty. the bar down the street from our house. many men all about the age of santa clause, sit and drink. so do john and i. drink, drank, still stuck. check your voice mail. talk to gary, we just got here. don't have much family in town. here is john. he is on the phone. same girl is at the bar. she is always at the bar. she laughs and has fun. she seems lonely. we meet david. he is skinny. his father works for the paper. david was raised in the press room. david knows i am georgian. david knows i make films. david sees john in front of the house. john thinks david is shane. david likes to dance. cruming, capuera, ballet meld them together, he says. karen is beautiful and not a girl. say a woman. david likes forskin penises. but he wants to have a baby with a beautiful italian waitress. her name is karen. we see mclwein. he stops for a drink. he has to go soon to talk with his korean girlfriend. she is a lawyer. he says they broke up. he seems to be interested in her more then others i have known before. robert stops by. we play pinball. its loud, the sounds of bells and balls dominate the music. robert tells us about his cancer. i put on my skirt. it is christmas eve in salt lake city. dagny is with her father. if i could take a picture it would be of the booth at the bar.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

cameraless i am back

its happened. my camera broke. first there was a huge crack, then i couldn't see out of the screen which kind of made it a cool challenge, now it pretends to take a picture but there is nothing there afterwards. i have decided to blog everyday with or without the camera. maybe santa will be all knowing? diner christmas party was fun, i am always amazed how many cool people live in this city and how close i feel toward some of them. dagny is with her dad, which makes it little more relaxing at home. its crazy how much i miss her when she is not here, but we seem to get along well this way. i probably take the role that walter usually enjoys. john has been super stressed but i am getting used to this reaction around holidays.

last night we partied with elliot and erika in park city. we drank crazy amount of wine and ate crazy expensive food. fun? yes. except today i barely made it to work and top it all off i caught a cold, so i am sick and... hungover.

i watched the spiderman for the first time tonight. i want to be a hero. i guess we all do. the girl is pretty hot. i've had many cups of tea. if i took a picture today it would be of me and my dogs laying on the couch.

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